Plant Maintenance Services


Plant Maintenance Services (PM Services) specializes in comprehensive industrial maintenance cleaning and waste handling for businesses that generate electricity, manufacture goods, refine oil, process natural gas, process ethanol, manufacture petrochemical products or perform other activities which create waste deposits. We offer a wide range of services including high pressure water blasting, chemical cleaning, industrial wet or dry vacuum services, Ice Blasting with CO2, and Fin Fan Foaming.

PM Services is committed to solving our customers' problems while protecting the environment.

Because every job is unique, we begin the process by gathering all relevant information. We then formulate a plan of action that best addresses the customer’s needs, specifying tasks to be accomplished, techniques to be used, expected results and estimates of time and costs associated with the project.

All work is overseen by our on-site supervisors and completed by our certified technicians using specialized equipment and proven techniques to achieve the required level of cleanliness which onsite testing ensures for our customers.